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Anonymous: OMG JUST WAUW, YOU DRAWINGS AND YOUR STYLE ASDFGHKJL!!!! ITS PERFECTION!!!! never stop!! NEVER!!! seriously u my favourite artist!! keeep it! >.< it's AMAZING AND WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL AND EVERYTHING!!!


nosceteipsum000: Hi! I was just wondering if I could get your permission to take two of your art posts (Jack Frost versions), and make them into one post? I'll source you, of course

It’s okay you can use my drawings and repost them again, if you make sure you write my name there.
Thank you for asking!^-^* 

mr. smith makes tacos wearing red uniform 
this small place is full of people
the men order a large sized one
and for girls, there’s a medium
but i can eat a whole large sized one
anyway there is eric who often drop in
he visits in alone almost everyday
but he doesn’t look too lonely, 
and he knows too many things
smith likes to hear his stories

oh smith
did eric come today?
oh smith
what kind of secrets did he spill to you this time?

i like to stare when he cooks
even though it’s tiny food i can see clear 
rules between them
smith moves calmly in sequence
when i’m looking at i feel like 
as if i watch sports doin’ alone
it’s yummy whatever he cooks 
especially it goes perfect with coke
but i have a little problem
there are awful herbs in tacos
smith doesn’t understand me
he doesn’t understand me at all

oh smith
don’t put the herbs in that i hate
oh smith
i love you but i’ll kill you if you do that again

(Source: zuol)

(Source: zuol)

wonder girls | 이바보

(via zuol)

(Source: zuol)


FROMM (프롬) - Arrival (도착)